When and Where


April 2. – 7. 2018

Check-in of module participants: Monday, April 2nd 2018 at 9:00

Opening ceremony: 10:30

Closing ceremony – End of program: Saturday, April 7th 2018 at 13:00 (1pm)


Kateřina Resort
Svatá Kateřina 327
Czech Republic – 394 64 Počátky



– Czech Republic has a very well established infrastructure for safe and easy public transportation.

– We recommend flying to/from Prague – Václav Havel Airport.

– You will be able to take either a city bus or a taxi from the airport to the central bus terminal and there take a bus liner. There are also premium service options and on-line reservation possibility, where you can book your seats in advance. You will need to travel from PRAGUE to JIHLAVA. We recommend this.




– We will be encouraging workshop participants to cooperate and share space in their cars.

– You could take a taxi from the airport directly to the hotel – there are many companies and you could order on-line or by phone call, or even catch a taxi at the airport. This is by far the priciest option.

– Towards the start of the workshop we will send out detailed travel instructions and will be ready to assist.
The GTT training module consists of a combination of Holotropic Breathwork sessions and theoretical, as well as practical lessons. Each participant will go through four experiential sessions, two in the role of a breather, and two in the role of a sitter.

The daily schedule of the module is tight and activities are taking place from morning till late evening. For that reason it is necessary for all participants to be accommodated at the hotel during the whole module.

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                    >>>>>  Car Sharing  <<<<<


Jeff Hamburg:  offers up to 3 seats/will depart from Prague/April 1st, around 7pm/

Contact: jeff.hamburg@gmail.com / cell: +31 6 1309 1239


Rick Kahler: offers 2 seats/will depart from Prague Airport/April 1st, 2:30 – 3:00 pm/

Contact: Rick@kahlerfinancial.com / cell: 1-605-390-7563


Daniela Mečiarová:  offers seats in car/will depart from Slovakia/ April 1st, early afternoon

Contact: daniela.meciarova@gmail.com / cell: +421 905 639 203


Robbin van der Crussen: offers sharing a taxi/will depart from Prague Airport/April 1st, 21:30/

Contact: crussen@post.com / cell: 004741485822